These are few of my favorite things.
If any of this information moves any of you to purchase me a gift, then by all means...

My son.

   My husband. (I married this guy.)
         See my wedding pictures !

We married on the Schooner Grace Bailey in Camden, Maine, August 24, 1998

Oh, yes, I changed my name to Jo M. Orise several years ago. Now I am Jo M. Orise Dodge. No, there is no hyphen—it's a long story. Read my autobiography someday.

Honesty. Integrity.

Keep a promise made or at least, talk about the reasons why, etc... it just can't be so.
(Lies are dishonest and ruin relationships... be it spouse, offspring, family, friend, neighbor, employer, or colleague...)

Visual and performing arts.

        Check my virtual art studio at


Big, lucious, fresh-off-the-vine strawberries.

Lilacs - lots of them, any color as long as it's purple.

Spring blossoms and buds.

Summer sunshine and warm air.

Country scenes.

Ocean scenes.

Terrific sunrises and sunsets.

Colorful clouds and skies.

Kites pulling children.

Dogs, cats, frogs, birds, what the heck, all of the animals on this planet—even the ugly ones. So, what is ugly?

Nice surprises... gifts...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Writing poetry.

Working on a manuscript for my next novel.

Laughter, Joy, Exhileration, et al.

Peace, love, caring people who lift your spirit and don't suck energy from you.

People with a mean spirit, jealousy, anger, self-pity, self-loathing, hatred, non-caring, self-centered, narcissistic—STAY AWAY! Get help!

Hey, Jo!

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