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My Post and Beam home.

I built my Post and Beam home. I experienced lots of sweat, some bloodletting, a few disappointments, a couple of scary moments, some scars, tears of frustration, and finally, lots of joy! Some tried to discourage me because they felt, as a woman, alone, I could never succeed in this endeavor!


Hey Jo, you home?

Knock on Door to Enter ;-)

If you plan building your own home, I'd be happy to talk to you, answer any questions you may have. I'm glad I built mine.

I'd do it all again if the situation presented itself.

However, it would have been easier to do a lot of the heavy lifting and labor with a partner. Not being very tall, I used two to three ladders side by side and swung from one to the other. Scary, but it worked. A support nail also helped me hold one end of a 16 foot board up as I nailed other end to the framing. Lots of nights I worked with the help of a drop light.

Yes, yes. It was fun. Believe me.

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