Artist: Jo M. Orise

other odd works

Crafts by Josoca - copyrighted.

Stoneware Buttons with personality

Package of 3 hand-made stoneware buttons.
Green Gloss
Frosting White Gloss
Matte Yellow
Matte Neutral
Each button has its own personality—no two are alike.

Button backs bear the Josoca signature.

Limited quantity

$3.50 US dollars / package of 3 buttons

Designed and produced by Josoca Studios.

I was Josoca Studios. Closed my pottery studio several years ago. Now, I offer the sale of items stored over the years.

Some are one display at Orise Studio Gallery in Owls Head, Maine

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All work copyrighted.

Major credit cards accepted.
Time payment available.
Report damages to shipper upon receipt.

Other works not shown may be available.

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